Numismatic antiquarianism through correspondence (16th-18th c.)

FINA Conference, 31st of May-1st of June 2017 (Rome, Academia Belgica – Via Omero, 8)

9h Welcome of the participants
9h30 Welcome address by Wouter Bracke (director of the Academia Belgica) and François de Callataÿ Keynote lecture
10h Alain Schnapp, Le rôle de l’antiquaire à l’âge moderne
10h40-11h Coffee pause
First session (chair: Bernhard Woytek)
11h Daniela Williams, Collecting forgeries to train the eye: fake coins in 18th century numismatic correspondence.
11h30 Guy Meyer, Sur les différents moyens de reproduire les monnaies (plomb, souffre, etc.). 12h Michiel Verweij, Speaking about manuscripts. Unpublished works in correspondence.
12h30-14h Lunch
Second session (chair: Martin Mulsow)
14h Johan van Heesch, The Missing Caesar. Inventing coins for Otho.
14h30 Federica Missere Fontana, Di vizi e di virtù. Di Pertinaci e di Didii, di Pescennii e di Gordiani. 15h John Cunnally, Two Centuries of Collecting, Describing, and Explaining Contorniates.
15h30-16h Coffee break
16h Ute Wartenberg, The English tradition of archaeological hoard recording in 17th century England.
16h30 Andrew Burnett, Queen Elizabeth and the Twelve Caesars: a forgotten correspondence. 17h End of the session
Thursday June 1st , 2017
Third session (chair: Andrew Burnett)
9h30 Jonathan Kagan, Unpublished numismatic material in the Kagan Collection New York from the Renaissance through the Napoleonic period: manuscripts, letters and drawings.
10h Martin Mulsow, Numismatic Antiquarianism: Coins from the Ancient East in Early Modern Europe.
10h30-11h Coffee break
11h Ursula Kampmann, The network of a collector: the Schellenberg example.
11h30 Elena Vaiani, Peiresc and the coins through his correspondence.
12h Marco Callegari, About books and coins: the letters of Charles Patin to Giulio Antonio Averoldi
between 1679 and 1693. 12h30-14h Lunch
Fourth session (chair: Ute Wartenberg)
14h Maria Cristina Molinari, The story of Francesco Gottifredi’s unpublished book through the analysis of the letters of his contemporaries.
14h30 Jean Guillemain, La mauvaise réputation de Jean Hardouin à travers les correspondances numismatiques.
15h Manuela Mayer, Antiquarianism and the “Republique des médailles”: some examples from Göttweig Abbey, Lower Austria (ca 1720-1740).
15h30-16h Coffee break
16h Bruno Callegher, « … e non vi vien voglia di venir a veder tante gran cose delle quali son certo che ne resterete pago?”. Fortunato Mandelli (1728-1797) : collections et correspondances
16h30 Bernhard Woytek, Publishing the “Doctrina Numorum Veterum”: the evidence from Eckhel’s
correspondence and other contemporary documents. 17h End of the session

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