Gender and Money, A Cross-Cultural Perspective

  • 25 mars 2022
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Gender and Money

Reproduction and circulation, when thought about in the context of money or bodies, appear to be highly gendered phenomena. Intricate connections between different systems of exchange and gender have been recognized around the globe, in different societies and different periods. Yet, the theme still seems understudied and undertheorized. We want to rethink the topic beyond static classifications of numbers and images, with an emphasis on dynamic processes – of (re)making, (re)using, (re)conceiving. Gender and Money therefore addresses the theme under different parameters, including all forms of money understood broadly as tokens of (real or symbolic) exchange rather than currency. Moreover, we want to be attentive to the intersectionality of gender with age, class, social status, race or ethnicity.


7.00 AM PDT/ 10.00 EDT/ 3.00 PM CET
Annetta Alexandridis (Ithaca, NY) & Stefan Krmnicek (Tübingen) Introduction

Panel 1: The Gender of Money and of Value
7.30 AM PDT/ 10.30 AM EDT/ 3.30 PM CET
Diane Cady (Oakland, CA) The Gender of Money: Isomorphic Links and Theoretical Connections
8.00 AM PDT/ 11.00 AM EDT/ 4.00 PM CET
Claudia Perassi (Milan) Roman and Early Medieval Coin Jewels. Who Wears What?
8.30 AM PDT/ 11.30 AM EDT/ 4.30 PM CET
Mali Skotheim (Delhi) Gendered Festival Iconography: The Male Athletic Body on Roman Imperial Coinage
9.00 AM PDT/ 12.00 PM EDT/ 5.00 PM CET
Olivia Graves (Ithaca, NY) Response and Discussion
9.30 AM PDT/ 12.30 PM EDT/ 5.30 PM CET
Coffee Break

Panel 2: Economies of Care, Agency of Money
10.00 AM PDT/ 1.00 PM EDT/ 6.00 PM CET
Sibel Kusimba (Tampa, FL) Women, Care, and Digital Money in Kenya
10.30 AM PDT/ 1.30 PM EDT/ 6.30 PM CET
Nanouschka Burström (Stockholm) Coins, Bodies, Games and Silver: Females and Value in Viking-Age Scandinavia
11.00 AM PDT/ 2.00 PM EDT/ 7.00 PM CET
Roberta Stewart (Hanover, CT) Vesta’s Cup
11.30 AM PDT/ 2.30 PM EDT/ 7.30 PM CET
Kaja McGowan (Ithaca, NY) Till They Have Faces: The Role of Coin Figures (Pratima) in Bali, Indonesia
12.00 PM PDT/ 3.00 PM EDT/ 8.00 PM CET
Amiel Bize (Ithaca, NY) Response and Final Discussion

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